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Every state is a little bit different when it comes to the finer details of public records and the means to obtain them. Here are a few tips that might make your search a little easier and faster.


Florida has always been a destination point for those who want to experience warmer climates all year round and it has also been a destination point for those more dubious individuals of society.

In fact, statistics have put the number of new people in Florida at around 1,000 every day. Those are some pretty large numbers and that also means there are 1,000 new chances of crime being added every day. Regardless, the resources (such as Criminal-Background) we show you should ensure you have all the information you'll ever need.

Criminal records in Florida are accessed using the Florida Criminal History Information (CHI) system. This system indexes criminal record histories stored at the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Florida has provided access to the CHI online to both individuals and businesses for $24 per name. Records instantly obtainable from the CHI will include the following:

As with any state search you will only receive Florida criminal records. Other types of searches such as reverse address and phone, background checks, people search, civil court records, and more can be accessed using one of the myriad online services available to consumers.

Marriage and Divorce Records

Florida is one of the few states where you can get complete marriage and divorce records starting as far back as 1970.

Reverse Address Search

A Florida reverse address search is useful for verifying where someone lives or ensuring the legitimacy of a business location.

People Search

A Florida person search is a great tool for getting a complete address and phone number history of any individual in the entire state. You can get one here.

Reverse Phone Search

Use the popular Florida reverse phone search to see who keeps calling or simply to check out any number you would like more information on.

Death Records

Florida death records are used for any number of reasons including checking whether someone is deceased or to help in identity theft cases.

Civil Court Records

Florida civil records, which are very complete, include liens, judgments, lawsuits, bankruptcies and more, and are a good tool for checking someone out.

Criminal Records

The Florida Criminal History Information system allows anyone with a credit card and internet connection to obtain complete criminal records.

SSN Background Check

A Florida SSN background check is useful for verifying a social security number of running an advanced background check on someone. This public record search resource is celebrating a milestone, and has helped many individuals get the public record documents they were looking for.


Georgia has the rather dubious honor of being one of the most busy fingerprint processors in the United States. This indicates above average levels of crime and the accompanying criminal records searches that go with the territory. Whatever the reason for this unhealthy social environment, you certainly need to know where to get the most accurate and comprehensive background checks available.

The Georgia's Crime Information Center (GCIC) is the central provider of criminal records searches in the state, and the database was established in 1973. It was the first state records repository to feature an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Today, there are several other private firms that can deliver criminal record history reports. Here is one of them.

AFIS updates and/or creates records as part of the identification process, and also processes electronic submissions. As a result the database is always current with whatever is happening in the courts. GCIC also runs the Georgia Sex Offender Registry and makes it available to the public free of charge.

Georgia criminal records are available in a number of different ways and there are also varying degrees of completeness depending on the purpose of the request. As you might expect a fingerprint based search is the most comprehensive and is performed through Georgia Applicant Processing Service (GAPS).

However, this service is available solely for official use or employment background checks, or if an individual is requesting their own record, and includes:

You may obtain a felony criminal records history of any individual using the online interface offered by the state and a link is included below. For any other types of background checks you will have to turn to an online service and there are some very useful options available, such as this one.


Alabama background checks are handled by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC), working in conjunction with the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) and the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS). Private services such as can provide a quick response.

ACJIC gathers information on criminal cases and arrests from the other two agencies, and centralizes it in a directory. ACJIC information will include the following details for those with access:

The state of Alabama has a great interface for conducting employment and other related background checks, but unfortunately if you are a consumer, the choices are very limited. There is an online option, but there is also the Request for Review of Criminal Records which has to be downloaded, printed, and filled out by hand. After you have completed the form, a set of fingerprints will need to be added courtesy of the nearest law enforcement agency.

That might cost you as well depending if a fee is assessed. Once the fingerprints have been added, you will then need to mail the form back to the the ACJIC in Montgomery along with a $25 payment. Turn around time is generally 5 to 10 business days.

Mind you, this procedure is obviously only intended for individual use, but if you are able to convince the subject of your search to complete all these steps and pay for the service, this is definitely the best method for acquiring Alabama criminal records.