Background Screening information


Arkansas is another state that doesn't make it easy to obtain for an individual to obtain criminal records directly from government databases, and everything has to be done by snail mail.

However, as with other states, online access to misdemeanor and felony convictions is very easy to obtain if you know where to start. Below is an overview of how the system works and a complete list of resources.

The Arkansas State Police administers the official State of Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System. Online access to certain criminal history information is permitted to authorized organizations or individuals. Also available are national FBI fingerprint based background checks for those with specific authorization to access this service under state or federal law. A private service like US Search can also help.

In the response to a manual record check in Arkansas you will receive:

You will not receive any pending felony convictions and you will also not receive information indicating if a person is a registered sex offender, as you would if you conducted an online Arkansas records search. Before you get excited, an online search (from the state website) is open only to employers and professional licensing boards.

Those doing employment screening have the option to access the background check system online, but must have an account with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA), which requires a subscription fee. A service like eVerify also has fees.

The subject being vetted must provide their signed written consent before the state service can be utilized. Start here for the Arkansas criminal background check system if you are an employer and would like to apply for access to the Information Network of Arkansas (INA).

Individuals can also request a records review for themselves and to do this a form must be submitted by mail. It requires your notarized signature, a $25 payment, must be accompanied by an addressed and stamped envelope, and will generally take 7 to 10 days to be processed. Start with the Arkansas State Police form if you are an individual and would like to run a personal criminal records check or have the full cooperation of the subject of your search.