Background Screening information


Trying to sort out what you need to do to get a complete Connecticut background check can lead to a worn out brain because the process is so complicated. Unfortunately the person you need to check up on isn't going to wait, or maybe you have been a victim of identity theft and need help clearing your name.

You have several options available to you some of which offer distinct advantages over others.

Background checks in Connecticut are handled as in most states, through the Department of Public Safety, and more specifically, through the State Police Bureau of Identification. You can also go through a private service.

This agency maintains a central index of criminal history information from within the State and the following is available to the general public.

Access to criminal records is available by mail only. A form must be printed and completed, and mailed to the Bureau of Identification. A fee of $50 is required for each name requested, including any aliases you want to check out. Although not required, you have the option for submitting a set of fingerprints with your request to assist in positive identification.

If you submit a request with just a name and no fingerprints for identification, the search will be exact match by name and birth date. There is no restriction on who you can do a search on using this method. However, a wait of 12-14 weeks for processing may put a bit of a crimp in any enthusiasm for using a professional search service.

Go to a private company or to the Connecticut state website if you wish to proceed with their state background check system.

Fortunately, you can also use an online service to acquire very complete Connecticut records and in some cases you will even receive more information than the state provides. As mentioned elsewhere, it would appear this is an oversight on the part of the state and you need to take advantage of these services before the plug is pulled on them.

We have included a resource for obtaining employment or landlord-related background screening searches here.