Background Screening information


With a total of 3 counties, Delaware has the fewest all but one other state in the entire U.S. However, despite this small number, Delaware is one of the most difficult states to obtain a background check in. On the one hand it's a pain, but on the other you should be happy your personal information is hard to gain access to.

We have managed to dig up some resources, but the search hasn't been easy, and no doubt many people have busted their own brains trying to figure it out.

The Delaware State Bureau of Identification (SBI) is the central directory for criminal records information in the state. Providing certified criminal records to the public is one of the SBI functions along with maintaining Delaware's sex offender registry, quality control of crime reports, fingerprint examination and firearm purchase approvals.

There are also different professional search firms such as Inteligator Service or this Find Out the Truth one.

A Delaware SBI search will include:

To use the official state system, you will need to go to the nearest SBI location in your county to apply for a search and have fingerprints taken. A photo id is required and the search will cost you wither $45 or $65 depending on the purpose.

This procedure is used if you are applying for a license that requires a background check, or just got curious to see what is on your personal record. Even employment background checks go through the same procedure.

A sex offender search is provided free of charge at the Delaware State Police website. This search provides a very convenient feature missing in other sex offender searches and you are given the tools to search by geographic location instead of only by name.