Background Screening information


Access to a truly comprehensive Indiana background check can be somewhat difficult especially because access to criminal records by 3rd parties has been severely restricted.

Any companies wishing to use the Indiana criminal database most submit a new application each year and they are not allowed to do whatever with the information as strict guidelines must be followed. A service like BeenVerified offers a variety of different searches.

This is obviously good for you as an individual, and for those who need to do legitimate background checks, there is a system in place.

The Indiana Limited Criminal History database, which is the central repository, indexes felonies and class A misdemeanors.

Unfortunately, even this information might not be as comprehensive as you would like because participation by the individual count courthouses can be haphazard. Basically, even criminal justice agencies might not be getting the complete picture, let alone everyone else. That's why most individuals will use a private search service.

When available, the Indiana State Police Limited Criminal History includes:

Both individuals and employers have access to the LCH (Limited Criminal History) database through AccessIndiana. You can use either the online system or submit a completed form by mail. In the event you are an AccessIndiana subscriber, searches will be $15, and $16.32 if you aren't a subscriber.

Of course, if you do not want to sue the online database, you may submit a written request which is essentially the same thing as the online search except it's carried out by the state and mailed to you. Be aware that in order to use AccessIndiana, you will need to have a legitimate and valid reason to do so.

There are some top resources for acquiring complete background checks and records in Indiana including AccessIndiana. Check out this option.